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Services Offered

Computer Consulting

Magnum Opus Productions specializes in Unix computer consulting with over 20 years of experience in the Unix System Administration field with an emphasis on Sun/Oracle Solaris and Linux. No matter what your requirements, Magnum Opus Productions can provide the solution to your most complex computer problems.

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Web Services

Magnum Opus Productions has been providing web hosting capabilities to the public since 1996. Specializing in the Apache HTTP Server, the most popular webserver on the Internet, Magnum Opus Productions can help you navigate the web and put your business on the proper path in the confusing world of the information superhighway. Magnum Opus Productions is currently offering four separate web bosting plans for all levels of business.

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Domain Name Services

Utilizing the Berkeley BIND 9 software package, Magnum Opus Productions can provide both primary and secondary DNS for your domains at a very reasonable cost.

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Graphic Design

One of the fastest growing fields is graphic design, due to the need for eye-popping web graphics. Magnum Opus Productions employs industry experts to assist with all your graphic design needs.

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